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The Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation (IHLF) Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program exists to enhance the overall education and skill level of physicians and other health care providers.

The Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation’s Continuing Medical Education program (CME) provides innovative education to enhance the skills of Physicians, PAs, NPs, Nurses, Pharmacists to improve patient outcomes and care. The program is accredited through the Illinois State Medical Society.

Types of activities

Types of activities:

The CME Committee will accomplish this through the use of critical case reviews, lectures, workshops, regularly scheduled series, and other innovative educational methods.

Target Audience

Target Audience:

The target audience is cardiologists, pulmonologists, and primary and specialty care providers affiliated with them. These CME activities also invite other members of the interdisciplinary health care team.



The focus of these activities is medical and healthcare issues identified by cardiologists and pulmonologists within the local and statewide healthcare community.

Expected Results

Expected results:

The desired result of these activities is to increase practitioner’s knowledge, to integrate the information into clinical practice, and to improve patient care. The increase in practitioner’s knowledge is measured by immediate, post-activity evaluation survey. The integration of information into clinical practice is measured by follow up survey 4-6 months post-activity and the improvement of patient care is measured by selected outcome measurements or practice changes.

Accreditation statement:

Accreditation statement:

ISMS LogoThe Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation is accredited by the Illinois State Medical Society to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

CME has a stake in providing clinicians with not only knowledge but practical and targeted strategies that can change behavior and improve performance in everyday clinical practice.

Providers must not only know, they must know how to, and they must do well to improve the health outcomes for their patients

CME today must play a role at all three levels…

  • Transmitting knowledge
  • Enhancing competence
  • Improving performance
What the ACCME Requires:

What the ACCME Requires:

  • Planning your CME event:
  • Performance gap analysis
  • Determination of educational needs
  • Setting your goals for the activity
  • Stating your learning objectives
  • Developing your educational activity
  • Creating evidence-based content
  • Choosing your educational format (lecture, discussion, role play, panel, simulation activity)
  • Assuring independence from commercial support (disclosure, resolving conflict of interest)
  • Analyzing the impact of your activity
  • Gathering information on changes in knowledge, confidence, intent to change practice, measure performance
  • Setting your plan for the future to address ongoing gaps, and educational needs

This process fulfills the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle that should govern all activities.


You are aware of a practice based problem, and have come up with an educational intervention to help address the problem.


You put on the educational activity hoping to impart knowledge, change behaviors, and improve performance, impact health outcomes.


You collect information to analyze whether you were successful or not.


Applying what you have learned from your analysis, you prepare to enter into a new planning phase intent on addressing the residual gaps in the future.

Providers of continuing medical education are now being challenged to ask their learners:

  • “What do you plan to do with the new information you have been given?”
  • “What will you do differently in your practice?
  • “Has doing so made a difference in your patients’ health?”
How do Category 1 CME credits relate to Nursing CEU'S?

How do Category 1 CME credits relate to Nursing CEU’S?

In September of 2010, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation confirmed approved CME Sponsors and Programs to include:

“Any conference that provides approved Continuing Medical Education (CME) as authorized by the Illinois Medical Practice Act”. [Section 1300.130-c)1)B)]

For full Administrative Code information go to: Section 1300.130 Continuing Education

Links to other training needs:

Links to other training needs: