What is the JUUL?

The JUUL is a slim, sleek, USB-shaped device that was designed to help chronic tobacco smokers reduce or even quit smoking. However, this satisfying alternative to cigarettes is a bit too attractive for its own good.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered and convert liquid into vapor that gets inhaled. This was deemed a safer alternative to regular cigarette smoking because e-cigs (like JUULS) contain no tobacco.

While the JUUL was designed to be intended for adult tobacco smokers, this electronic device has become a trendy fad amongst many adolescents and young adults. And unlike most other fads, this one probably won’t die out any time soon due to the highly addictive substances found in the JUUL pods – Nicotine – that keep customers coming back for more.

It is naïve to think that just because JUUL pods contain no tobacco that they are safe for consumption, there are other dangerous chemicals that can severely damage lungs, skin and even the brain. Even JUUL’s Chief Administrative Officer is quoted as having said that, “The JUUL is safer than regular cigarettes, but no e-cigarette is considered safe – and it’s never just vapor that you’re inhaling.”

The discreet design of the JUUL makes it easy for teens and young adults to use at school or at home. This is exceptionally dangerous because Nicotine has damaging effects on the adolescent brain. The brain does not stop developing until around the age of 25, meaning that anyone abusing Nicotine before then is slowing down brain development.

JUUL’s appeal to younger people because of the fun flavorants that have been added to the JUUL pods like Fruit Medley or Crème Brulèe. While the health effects of these flavorants and the other chemicals in the JUUL pods are not well known, one thing is for certain: the JUUL pods do contain Nicotine—a highly addictive substance. In one JUUL pod (or 200 puffs) there is approximately an equivalent of one pack of cigarettes worth of nicotine.

Will The Fad End?

Just recently the FDA enforced new rules and regulations regarding JUUL’s- in fact they recently raided JUUL’s headquarters (click here for the article) . Since vaping has reached an “epidemic proportion” the FDA has taken series measure to try and curtail the trend. This is an exceptionally difficult task given that the FDA does not want to ban electronic cigarettes all together. For some people these tools have been incredibly successful in helping them quit smoking. So now the FDA has been tasked with keeping e-cigs out of the hands of adolescents and young adults while still being available tools to chronic smokers.

Given that JUUL’s are highly addictive devices, anyone without a nicotine addiction should be weary and most likely should not start using JUUL’s. Even for the chronic tobacco smokers, JUULing is not the best substitute. If you or anyone else is looking to quit smoking all together, there are safer options other than JUULing.