January 29th started out as the typical Sunday for the McKinney family. A week prior we found out that we were 4 weeks pregnant. So there was definitely a “glow” in the McKinney household. I attended church in the morning, along with my wife singing in Praise and Worship during all 3 services at Church. Afterwards, grocery shopping to prepare for Sunday’s lunch and dinner on the grill. Everything was going as planned. Then all of a sudden, my day flipped upside down.

“It’s even better when you have someone special to share it with.”

Sunday around 12:30pm my wife experienced chest pains and numbness in her arms. She was in much pain. I was completely unprepared and scared. I rushed her to the hospital. The doctors confirmed Jerey was having a minor heart attack. One of her main arteries had a tear in it causing the pain she experienced. Typically they would perform a Bypass Surgery, but Jerey was pregnant. In order to preserve life, the Doctors performed a “Cardiac

Catheterization”, which consists of inserting 2 stints in her main artery. The process was a success! Jerey and Baby, were saved.

While waiting during the operation, my life started flashing in front of me. I started thinking about how much I loved my wife and needed her. Although I’m “right-handed”, she’s my “left hand” in everything I do. I prayed for her recovery, and GOD delivered. The next few months were critical since she was carrying our unborn child. We were directed to see a Perinatal specialists. They were fantastic! They coordinated with our Cardiologists to ensure Jerey’s recovery and pregnancy was a success.

The recent actions have shown me that life is precious, and we should live it to the fullest. It’s even better when you have someone special to share it with.