AED-small-colorShelia Diaz, an adult literary coordinator, went shopping with her daughter at Target on December 8th for some last minute Christmas items. As Shelia entered the store she went into cardiac arrest, but fortunately, two trained nurses and a paramedic were there to intervene. They instructed her daughter, Carrie Kallsen, to perform rescue breaths while they performed chest compressions. When the paramedics arrived they administered a shock from an AED to restore rhythm to her heart. The shock was a success! Shelia was transported to a local hospital and continues on her road to recovery today.

A defibrillator saved Shelia from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, but without the shock from an AED and bystander intervention, her story may have ended very differently. It is Shockingly Simple to restart a heart with an AED. The Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation is launching the Shockingly Simple campaign through our AED Program with the goal of registering AEDs in our community.

Defibrillators don’t work if you can’t find them.

Registering an AED helps 911 dispatchers match the location of a sudden cardiac arrest victim with the nearest AED. It also allows the dispatcher to alert emergency teams that an AED is onsite.

Registering your AED is quick, simple, free, and the law in Illinois. For more information, see the IHLF AED Program.