The Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation is working hard to save lives in our community! Our goal for Operation Revive is to increase survival rates of those suffering a cardiac emergency outside of the hospital through timely access to defibrillators and bystander CPR intervention.

Saturday, February 4th, we hosted our second annual free CPR training. Thank you to our community partners Advocate Heart Institute at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and Heartland Community College and the wonderful CPR/AED certified instructors who volunteered their day.

We were excited to see over 100 community members, of various ages and ethnicities, attend to learn how to intervene in the event of a cardiac emergency. The day was such an inspiration, as over 17 CPR trainers donated their time, energy, and talent to provide CPR training to those willing to learn. From high school students, to the owner of Fleet Feet, to an employee of Garlic Press, we were so honored and excited to see our community members respond to the call.

Seconds count during cardiac emergencies. Numerous studies demonstrate the faster the response to someone who is in sudden cardiac arrest, the better their chances for survival.  A bystander’s willingness to get involved when they witness cardiac arrest by calling 911, starting CPR, and getting that first shock into the patient in under 3 minutes can literally double a victim’s chances of survival.

Thank you to all who became an integral part of the “Chain of Survival” through our CPR training.

Chain of Survival

  • Immediate Recognitionof cardiac arrest and activation of the emergency response system
  • Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)with an emphasis on chest compressions
  • Rapid defibrillation
  • Basic and advanced emergency medical services
  • Integrated post-cardiac arrest care

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